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Lot #101 - Latched Rustic Wooden Box Create
Oyster129 05/31/23 7:41P $16.00 Oyster129 outbid the previous bid by Ibuy2sellshop2
Ibuy2sellshop2 05/31/23 7:41P $15.00 Proxy bid was placed for Ibuy2sellshop2 in response to a bid by Oyster129
Ibuy2sellshop2 05/31/23 6:12P $11.00 Ibuy2sellshop2 outbid the previous bid by Postguy48
Postguy48 05/29/23 4:22P $10.00 Proxy bid was was placed for Postguy48 in response to a bid by Porath
Porath 05/29/23 4:22P $10.00 Porath bid was accepted, but was outbid by Postguy48 using proxy bid.
Postguy48 05/24/23 6:02P $5.00 Postguy48 placed the starting bid.
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